-Lastest from Simply Indian: EXPRESS LUNCH 12-2:30pm/7 days Eat in meal deals: £5.5 to £7 THALI varieties of meat/veg choices 6 items + pudding To go meal deals: curry box £6 - choices meats + veg + sides masala dosa wrap £5 - veg or chicken + sambar + 2 chutneys uttapham - "south Indian pizza" £5 - veg + sambar + 2 chutneys chapatti wraps £5 - choices of meats/veg -RESTAURANT DINNER DEALS 6-11:30pm/7 days Our thali (platter meals) dishes really are absolute must try! Grand thali £13.5 p.p - Mamsa ishtew/lamb or goan chicken or prawn chilli - any veg - raita + pickle - kuchumber ( Indian salad) - whole wheat chapatti - rice - kheer ( Indian rice pudding) Masala dosa £8.5 p.p Rice & lentil flour pancake with spiced mashed potato or chicken + sambar + 2 chutneys Uttapham £8.5 p.p "South Indian pizza" veg + sambar + 2 chutneys
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Featured Items

Top Vegetarian Starters

Baingan-e-BaharSuitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Baked aubergine ring stuffed with edam cheese, ginger, coriander and toasted sesame seeds and poured over with blended tomatoes and mustard sauce.
Onion BhajeeSuitable for Vegetarians£3.20Qty:
India's favourite snack. Finely chopped cabbage and onion mixed in selected spices and deep fried.
Spicy Vegetable WrapSuitable for Vegetarians£4.50Qty:
This typical street food of Calcutta consists of mixed vegetable, ginger julience, green chilli, mushroom, cheese strips and pan fried with mixed spices then filled into a large gram flour battered chapati. Served with cucumber and tomato salad and chutney.
Sundal-chickpea, mango and coconut saladSuitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Sundal is a tasty salad and a street food snack, which is particularly popular on the beaches in Chennai (south India) cooked in mustard seeds, gram, curry leaves, lemon zest and garnished with mango slices, fresh plum and coriander (served warm).
Veggie PooriSuitable for Vegetarians£3.95Qty:
Fresh vegetables cooked semi-dry in typical north Indian style served over a deep fried flaky bread.
Veggie SamosaSuitable for Vegetarians£3.20Qty:
Crisp fried triangular pastry filled with mixed vegetables.

Top Non Vegetarian Starters

Fresh cur squid stir-fried with onion, capsicum and curry leaves.
Chicken Samosas£3.20Qty:
Crispy fried triangular pastry filled with chicken mince
Chicken Tikka Malai£3.50Qty:
Tender pieces of diced meat matured overnight in our own velvet smooth yoghurt and cheese marinade. Lightly spiced with mild chillies, garlic, ginger and char grilled in a clay oven.
Crispy White Bait£3.25Qty:
Tiny fish coated in masala batter with chillies, caraway seeds, gram flour and coriander then crisply fried and sprinkled with chat masala.
Goan King Prawn Baza£3.95Qty:
Mixed in various spices wrapped in fresh leaf spinach, coated with rice flour rolled onto a wooden skewer and crisply fried.
Kalegi Masala (fried liver)£3.90Qty:
Sliced chicken liver and heart sauteed with cumin seeds, onions mushroom and tomatoes.
Momos (Indian dim sum)£3.50Qty:
Origin to Tibetan influence. Made from plain flour and stuffed with chicken mince, chilli and coriander powder with chopped basil leaves, onion and lemon. Served with sweet tamarind chutney.
Nizami Chingri Roll£3.50Qty:
Lightly spiced shredded pieces of king prawn coated in corn flour and rolled in a spicy papadum, fried until golden brown.

Top Vegetarian Mains

We use fresh seasonal farm vegetables

Aloo Anda CurrySuitable for Vegetarians
The traditional North Indian potato and egg curry.
Aloo Anda Curry (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.10Qty:
Aloo Anda Curry (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Baigan NariyalSuitable for Vegetarians
Egg plants laces with fresh coconut. Smoked baby aubergines mash with fried grated coconuts, onion, green chillies, ginger and cumin seeds.
Baigan Nariyal (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.10Qty:
Baigan Nariyal (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Bhindi DopiazaSuitable for Vegetarians
Fresh okra pan fried with onion, tomato and onion seeds
Bhindi Dopiaza (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.10Qty:
Bhindi Dopiaza (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Cauliflower BhajiSuitable for Vegetarians
Sauteed cauliflower with fresh herbs, spices and peas.
Cauliflower Bhaji (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.10Qty:
Cauliflower Bhaji (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Chana MasalaSuitable for Vegetarians
Chickpeas tossed in onions, garlic and fresh tomatoes.
Chana Masala (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.10Qty:
Chana Masala (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Dall MakhaniSuitable for Vegetarians
This is a very typical Punjabi dish containing black lentils, red kidney beans, butter, cream and various spices. Makes this a wonderful, warming and tasty dish.
Dall Makhani (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.10Qty:
Dall Makhani (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Masala MushroomSuitable for Vegetarians
Fresh mushrooms cooked in a light spicy sauce.
Masala Mushroom (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.10Qty:
Masala Mushroom (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:
Moglai Paneer KoftaSuitable for Vegetarians
A blend of finely mixed cheese, spicy potato, fried onions and grated sultanas rolled into kofta (cheese balls) cooked in lightly spiced masala sauce.
Moglai Paneer Kofta (Main)Suitable for Vegetarians£5.10Qty:
Moglai Paneer Kofta (Side)Suitable for Vegetarians£3.50Qty:

Top Seafood Mains

Doi Maach£7.50Qty:
Fresh lemon sole sole applied with ground paste of onions, ginger-garlic, cumin seed and red chilli, all cooked in natural yoghurt and mustard oil.
Fish Tikka Hara£7.75Qty:
Fresh boneless tilapia but marinated in fragrant spices and paste of fresh coconut, onion, fenugreek seeds and coriander then quick roasted in the clay oven and braised in medium hot masala sauce.
Garlic and Chilli Prawns£5.90Qty:
A slightly drier curry from the southern tip of India. Packed with flavour.
Goan Crab Curry£6.90Qty:
Fresh crab cooked in it's shell with thinly sliced onions, ginger-garlic paste, red chilli. Ground coriander, tamarind pulp and coconut milk.
Jumbo King Prawn Patio£7.50Qty:
Tiger prawns marinated in green spice paste of green chillies, coriander leaves, cumin seeds and black peppercorns then pan fried with finely chopped shallots, fenugreek and garlic.
Seafood Moilee£6.90Qty:
Classic seafood bouillabaisse style broth of mixed seafood (fish, squid, scallop and prawns) delicious with rice.
Tawa Nariyal Machhi£7.75Qty:
Delicious curry of fresh Swordfish steak mixed with turmeric and pan grilled mustard oil, sauteed in finely chopped garlic, cumin seed curry leaves with fresh grated coconut.
Tiger Prawn and Green Mango Curry£7.50Qty:
Large size peeled prawns cooked in a delicious hot, sweet and sour masala sauce.

Top Indian Grills

Chicken Tikka Malai£6.50Qty:
Bite sized pieces of chicken matured overnight in out own velvet smooth yoghurt and cheese based marinade, lightly spiced with mild chillies, garlic and ginger and broiled in a clay oven (Suitable for children)
Hash Shashlick (duck)£6.50Qty:
Breast of Barbary duck fillets in home-made cheese, cream and black pepper grilled with tomatoes, green peppers and onions.
Malai Lamb Chops Barbecued£6.25Qty:
Chops of tender lamb in a marinade of home-made cream-cheese spiced with garlic, turmeric and red chillies. A truly superb new dish.
Sheek Kebabs£6.20Qty:
Smoked minced lamb with fresh herbs, ginger-garlic, coriander and sliced onions rolled on skewers.
Simply Mixed Grill£8.10Qty:
The very best of the best, all your favourites together and no one gives you more! Chicken tikka, lamb chop, sheek kebab and kalami tandoori chicken, served with a fresh nan.
Tandoori Fish Tikka£6.75Qty:
Chunky pieces of fresh halibut loin marinated in yoghurt, honey, dill and roasted with mustard seeds and chilli.
Tremendous Tandoori Chicken£6.90Qty:
Something for the hungry meat eater, 4 pieces of tender chicken marinated in yoghurt and spices on the bone.

Top Lamb Mains

Garlic Chops Chilli Fry£6.25Qty:
Tender trimmed lamb chops cutlets cooked in garlic, butter, tomatoes and onions, with a touch of ginger and coriander in a medium-hot sauce with fresh herbs.
Kashmiri Lamb Rogan£6.10Qty:
Aromatic flavoured slow cooked lamb pieces cooked in rich red chilli, onion and tomato with saffron. (This dish may contain a few bones - essential for taste.)
Keema Kofta£5.80Qty:
Meat balls. Pounded smoked lamb mince mixed together with toasted cumin, mace, coriander and tamarind pulp, stuffed with cheese and served in a medium spice sauce.
Lamb Steak with Chick Peas£6.50Qty:
This traditional curry is normally made with diced meat, though here we have used lamb steaks topped with spiced chick peas.
Mamsa Ishtew£5.80Qty:
Aromatic lamb stew with coconut milk cooked in a deep heavy-based pan with various whole spices and royal potatoes sealed and gently cooked until the meats are very tender.
Diced roasted juicy spring lamb tossed in butter, garam masala, cultured yoghurt and fresh cream (suitable for children)
Shank of Lamb£6.90Qty:
Roasted leg of lamb marinated and cooked in its own juices then simmered with onions tomatoes, spiced with ginger, turmeric and cumin, Medium Hot. (Served with pulao rice)

Top Chicken & Game Mains

This restaurant does not use additives or colouring in it's cooking. The colour of each dish is entirely the result of the natural spices.

Duck Xacutti£6.90Qty:
(Pronounced shakooti) Simply must be tried! The most complex of all great curries boasts over twenty ingredients, each roasted prior to being ground with onions and coconuts.
Goan Chicken Curry£5.90Qty:
This is a wonderful mix of cumin, cashew, green chillies, tamarind pulp, coconut milk and coriander seeds. Hot, yet refreshing! Sprinkled with fried onions, coriander and ginger julience.
Hyderabadi Kali Mirch£6.25Qty:
Peppery chicken curry, brings the full flavor, sauce made of ginger - garlic paste, white vinegar, turmeric and toasted black peppercorns marinated overnight, sprinkled with ginger julienne, mustard cress and crushed pepper.
Do not compare this to any other Jhalfrezi, a simply Indian specialty chicken thinly sliced, medium spiced, comprising of onion and a variety of red and green peppers, spiced with garlic, ginger, turmeric, cumin and chillies.
King of all curries. Steamed chunks of chicken breast cooked in a mild creamy sauce, garam masala and cashew nuts (suitable for children)
Murg Makhani£6.50Qty:
New version of chicken tikka masala with a creamy tomato, onion and fenugreek sauce. Finished with honey.
Murgh Sagrana£8.50Qty:
An exceptional chicken dish unique to Simply Indian. Off the bone shredded tandoori chicken cooked in a lightly spiced makhani sauce with a blend of passanda sauce poured over (served with a pulao rice)
Sindhi Murgh£6.50Qty:
Succulent chicken drumsticks marinated in yoghurt, turmeric, red chillies, gram masala cooked in blended pepper corns, poppy seeds, coriander seeds and mint leaves covered and simmered until tender served with a fresh naan bread.

Top Biriyanis

All served with a separate vegetable side sauce.

Chicken Tikka Biriyani£7.50Qty:
Fragrant basmati rice with succulent pieces of grilled meats garnished with caramelised onions.
King Prawn Biriyani£7.50Qty:
Cooked in moist rich fragrant basmati rice.
Lamb Biriyani£7.50Qty:
Fragrant basmati rice with succulent pieces of grilled meats garnished with caramelised onions.
Prawn Biriyani£7.50Qty:
Cooked in moist rich fragrant basmati rice.
Seafood Biriyani£7.50Qty:
Basmati rice with select seafood of king prawns, fish, squid and fresh herbs with a side of seafood sauce.
Veggie BiriyaniSuitable for Vegetarians£7.50Qty:
Fragrant basmati rice with southern style crunchy vegetables and caramelised oinions.

Top South Indian Specials

Chicken Masala Dosa£7.25Qty:
Crispy pancake made of lentil and rice flour filled with chicken. Served with sambhar+coconut chutney+Tomato chutney.
Chole & Khasta Roti£6.50Qty:
Deep fried puffed soft bread (2pcs) served with spicy chick peas and a mix raita.
A South Indian version of pizza with a topping of tomatoes, onion, chillies and spicy potatoes, served with sambhar+coconut chutney+tomato chutney.
Vegetable Masala DosaSuitable for Vegetarians£7.25Qty:
Crispy pancake made of lentil and rice flour filled with vegetables. Served with sambhar+coconut chutney+tomato chutney.

Top Breads

Cheese Naan£1.70Qty:
Filled with herbs and soft cheese
Chilli Cheese Naan£1.70Qty:
Filled with herbs and soft cheese
Garlic Naan£1.70Qty:
Keema Naan£1.70Qty:
Filled with ground mince lamb.
Khasta Poori (2pcs)£2.25Qty:
Puffed soft bread made with whole wheat flour, eggs, milk and cumin seeds.
Lacha Paratha (mint)£2.30Qty:
Tandoori baked flaky, whole wheat flour bread.
Lacha Paratha (plain)£2.30Qty:
Tandoori baked flaky, whole wheat flour bread.

Top Sundries

Apple Relish£0.70Qty:
Mint Sauce£0.70Qty:
Mix Raita£1.70Qty:
A large tub of fresh thick natural yoghurt with cucumber, tomato, onion and potato cubes.
Plain Popadom£0.60Qty:
Spicy Popadom£0.60Qty:
Sweet Chilli and Mango Chutney£0.70Qty:
Tamarind and Date Chutney£0.70Qty:
Coconut and Pineapple Rice£3.25Qty:
Freshly grated coconut, coconut milk, onion, curry leaves and pineapple pieces tossed with fragrant basmati rice.
Lemon Rice£2.95Qty:
Basmati rice tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice.
Pulao Rice£2.50Qty:
Basmati rice with saffron, caramelised onions with aromatic spices.
Steamed Basmati Rice£1.95Qty:
Plain boiled fragrant basmati rice.

Top Salads

Chicken Chaat£4.50Qty:
Chicken salad made with shredded tandoori chicken
Chickpea, Mango and Coconut Sald£4.25Qty:
A wonderful mix of chickpeas, fresh grated coconut and fresh mango slices tossed with mustard seeds, curry leaves and fresh plum.
Crunchy Exotic Fresh Salad£2.70Qty:
A crunchy salad with a selection of market fresh leaves and fruits mixed with French dressing.
Khachummber Salad£1.70Qty:
Finely chopped with mix of redskin onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and flat parsley with olive oil and lemon dressing.

Top Desserts

Crushed Strawberries & Cream£2.80Qty:
Individual portion mini tub.
Gajjar Ka Halwa£2.90Qty:
Grated carrot (gajjar) fudge. Cooked in a lengthy process with milk, sugar, cardamom powder, toasted melon seeds and raisins until reduced almost to a solid. (Served warm.)
Gulab Jamon£2.90Qty:
Mini size Khoya dumplings (pudding balls) soaked in rose syrup with a separate fresh cream. Can be served warm, tastes delicious.
Ice Dragon£4.90Qty:
Mango ice cream with crushed pineapple, ginger and chilli. (500ml tub for 2)
Mini Rasamalai£2.90Qty:
A typical classic Indian dessert made of curd milk with pistachio and corn flour in creamy milk sauce.
Spice Cream£4.90Qty:
White chocolate with cinnamon and chilli, striped with dark chocolate ripple, An amazing sensation! The tongue remains cool while the throat kicks off! (500ml tub for 2)
Tropical Tutti Frutti Cocktail£4.90Qty:
With crushed peaches, pineapple and passion fruit. (500ml tub for 2)

Top Drinks

All drinks are delivered chilled and ready to drink

Belvoir Elderflower Presse (25cl)£1.40Qty:
Belvoir Elderflower Presse (75cl)£2.75Qty:
Belvoir Summer Berries Presse (25cl)£1.40Qty:
Carrot and Apple Juice£1.55Qty:
Coke (1.5L bottle)£2.50Qty:
Coke (330ml glass bottle)£1.60Qty:
Diet Coke (1.5L bottle)£2.50Qty:
Diet Coke (330ml glass bottle)£1.60Qty:

Top Lunch Menu

A great tasting alternative to the average lunch-break. Every weekdays 12pm-2:30pm

Chicken Wrap£5.00Add to Cart
Lamb Wrap£5.00Add to Cart
Masala Dosa£5.00Add to Cart
Spicy Roasted Duck Wrap£5.00Add to Cart
The Anglo Indian£6.00Add to Cart
The Classic Indian£6.00Add to Cart
The Indian Grills£6.00Add to Cart
The Indian Seafood£6.00Add to Cart